The Problem and Goals:

Martin and Cheryl came to us at the beginning of 2020 looking to take their online advertising to the next level. They already had an established store, products and brand but simply couldn’t push it out profitably to the masses online.  

The solution

After an initial strategy session we discussed Facebook and Instagram would be most effective given the products and goals for the business. 

Deploying the strategy we started with wide targeting catalogue campaigns to decipher which products and audiences would be most effective to double-down on and to scale profitably.

We went through quite a few stages with the testing and really needed to optimise the entire sales funnel from start to finish in order to improve customer conversion and costs per result.

We found success with two main catalogue conversion campaigns which we also used to base our dynamic re-targeting campaign from. 



After working with Ultra Magnesium over the course of just 3 months we were seeing consistent numbers coming through every day. The store now has solid foundations as we are geared up to double-down and scale Ultra Magnesium further over the coming months.

To do this we plan on minimising our cost per results, capping our spend per click and scaling our daily spend. We have a clear tunnel vision and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months hold.

Not only did we help Ultra Magnesium achieve daily sales successfully in just a few months but also maximised their organic presence across both Facebook and Instagram with appealing content to continuously engage with loyal customers.

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