The experts at cushions.

After working with Carl on a previous project, we came to us alongside his co-partner Sophie with the already established e-commerce store Simply cushions with a super unique proposition in the market focusing on just cushions. The idea was to dominate the market for cushions and scale revenue in doing so.


The Problem and Goals:

Carl and Sophie were quite hesitant to get started due to previous agency and freelancer experiences. We offered a unique proposition to get started and made sure we could 100% deliver upon our promises and results over the next few months.

Simply Cushions was already running both Google Search and Shopping Ads where majority of their sales could be attributed to while a basic re-targeting campaign had been running for over 9 months from the previous agency over on Facebook and Instagram. Although it was pulling in sales, it was not lined up to any top of funnel marketing efforts or adjusted for optimal performance.

We pieced together a straight catalogue marketing approach for our Facebook and Instagram top of funnel efforts to get us started and to learn more about exactly what demographics are interested in our products on the social platforms and how they interest with our campaigns.

Over on Google, we spent our time adjusting the existing campaigns to perform more effectively and ultimately focus the budget on sales.


The Solution:

After many split-tests, catalogue hurdles and support tickets.. We started hitting big numbers on the lead up to Christmas for Simply Cushions.

We took sales from just $1.5-3k per month to a whopping 15-18k per month on just Facebook and Instagram alone. Achieving a steady ROAS of 4-5x and solid margins on sales.