The one stop cycling accessories store!

Rockbros is a cycling accessories store that sells many universal products for all types of biking.

The Problem and Goals

Rockbros approached us through a close-knit e-commerce group in mid 2019. The team was already achieving returns between 2.5-3x ROAS but had no real road-map on how to scale without bottle-necking their margins. The store was achieving revenue of approx. 35k per month.

After analyzing their campaigns and overall strategy, we discovered that lookalike audiences and Facebook pixel data was not being optimised or correctly leveraged into conversion campaigns and hindering their overall spend per result. The campaign structure was more guesswork as there was no real strategy of funnel approach.

The Solution

We recommended implementing set top of funnel campaigns, phasing out cold interest targeting and starting to leverage past purchases and email lists to find audiences similar to our past purchases and evidently, customers who haven’t heard of Rockbros but are likely to purchase these types of products. We also recommended strong dynamic catalogue re-targeting campaigns to ensure we were capturing all potential customers and every dollar was coming back to the store.

The Outcome

In the first 30 days, we focused heavily on testing, increasing CTR and all basic campaign performance metrics in order to reduce costs and build a solid foundation to scale from. Over the next 2 months, we built out an effective set of audiences and performing ads. We began achieving ROAS between 4.5-6x across our top of funnel and middle of funnel campaigns.

Towards the end of month 3 and 4 we doubled the budget and held steady ROAS. Our first 4 weeks after increasing our budget, we achieved the first month of approx. 80k which included re-targeting. Moving into the beginning of 2020, we hit our first 100k+ month before the owner Ben sold the store in February to a UK drop-shipping e-commerce company.

A Few Words From Rory:

“At first I was quite skeptical of having someone other than myself run the marketing for my store. With already so many expenses and outgoings I was not sure I could justify the investment. After discussing my pain-points and the strategy behind it all with Jack and the team at Plus Social I decided to give it a go.. The team went absolutely above and beyond. We managed to grow our sales to 2-3 quite within the first 50 or so days. I know there are a lot of consultants and agencies out there but these guys give it to you straight, won’t BS you and if you have a decent work ethic, you’ll get tons out of it”. – Rory S. | Rockbros Cycles