My Greek Cuzina

The Problem and Goals:

Anthony is a Director of a large hospitality group based in Brisbane who is already very well established but was looking to step it up and scale his restaurants via a results-driven social media strategy as it was lacking quite heavily. Anthony has many different cuisines and cafes we have worked with but for this study we have focused on his Greek restaurant.

The problem was, there was little to no social media marketing.

Plus Social

Social Media Marketing – Grow Your Revenue – Change Your Life

The Solution:

After our initial discussion and recommendations, Anthony agreed to work with us over an initial period of 3 months.

While working in this initial period we worked on reverse engineering what had worked in the past and putting together new promotions which encouraged diners to reserve a table via the website. The campaigns involved a narrow audience of customers interest in Greek cuisine, dining out as well as re-targeting past customers through the Facebook pixel.

We tried a few different split-tests and promotions at the beginning to see where the budget was best being spent before increasing and leveraging the better campaigns. We found leads to the website booking page were effective through specific day promotions e.g. Free kids meal with any adult meal purchased on a Monday.

Plus Social

Social Media Marketing – Grow Your Revenue – Change Your Life

The Outcome:

Anthony was simply looking to bring in a few extra bookings each week but had no real idea on the expectations or power of a results-driven social media strategy. We helped Anthony produce an extra 40 table bookings each week in just the initial period of 3 months. The store has had to put more staff on throughout the week to handle additional reservations.

For any restaurant the content reflected across social media is absolutely critical. After educating Anthony on the customer’s journey before they make a booking (visiting socials and looking at the food/restaurant first) we had a photographer take some professional shots which were utilised and leveraged for the promotions and organic content.

Not only has Anthony increased his revenue by has increased his entire organic reach for the restaurant online.

Anthony remains a client to this day.

Plus Social

Social Media Marketing – Grow Your Revenue – Change Your Life

A Few Words From Anthony:

“I know the restaurant game is becoming more and more competitive and every business needs to be on social media but until you actual take the leap and properly leverage a strategy through someone such as Jack and the team at Plus Social you will never know the real power behind it.

I’ve been in the restaurant game for over 30 years and have had many types of cuisines, locations but have never been able to pin point my customers as well as we have through these social media marketing campaigns.”

– Anthony A. | My Greek Cuzina