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Project Name: Portable Partitions

Client: Portable Partitions

Project Commencement Date: February 18, 2021

Project Completion Date: February 2021

Project url:

The Problem and Goals:

We partnered with Portable Partitions during COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020 to push their range of partitions to B2B retail stores needing to fortify against germs and product both staff and customers.

Upon our initial conversation, we learnt that they were experimenting with large ad-spend across Facebook and Instagram themselves and exhausting upwards of $10-20k per month with little returns.

The Solution:

After analysing Facebook audiences and insights, we learnt a lot about our potential target market with the partition products and exactly who was likely to purchase. We set about 3-4 ad-set split tests for each of the product categories pushing each to a different demographic of businesses (offices, salons etc.).

The Outcome:

Within our first 30 days, we scaled quickly to 4x ROAS turning approx. $9k ad-spend into 40k revenue. We’ve since started minimizing costs by turning non-performing audiences and ads off and doubling-down on performing sets. We are aiming to achieve a steady 8x ROAS before scaling the spend over the next few months.