The first company to introduce a range of Black Seed products to the global marketplace.

Azam is a Director of a large and successful e-commerce business who was already working with a marketing team. The campaigns had limited budget and no clear strategy or way of scaling sales and maximising spend.. This is where we came into fruition.

Starting Out:

 After our initial discover call, we analysed the performance of campaigns and created a clear road-map on firstly, how to maximise the current budget and campaigns then scale aggressively over the months that followed.


The Outcome:

We agreed upon an initial 3-month road-map strategy to accelerate sales for Habshifa and maximise their online potential in the months to follow.

To do this, we leveraged a full-scale e-commerce funnel consisting of 3 stages; top of funnel, middle of funnel and re-targeting.

Pieces of this were already together but just a mess from inexperienced e-commerce marketing ‘gurus’. We setup a full approach which included various split-testing at each level to see where the budget was best performing and exactly what was making conversions at the end of the day.

We transitioned this solution over to Google Ads and Shopping approx. 30 days after initiating Facebook with the exact same scenario in place.


On the Facebook front, we scaled sales from an average ROAS of 4.5 to 7x in just the first 3 weeks. This boosted sales to $23k in just the first month with split-testing and various adjustments. In month 2, we double-downed on what was already working with a slight increase to the budget, maintaining the 7x ROAS and crossed the $34k per month revenue mark on just Facebook alone. We are gearing up to take Habshifa to beyond 60k a month revenue in just the next few months.

The Google front has seen immediate changes increasing ROAS from just 0.7x to 3.5x in the first 2 weeks. We are taking this side a little slower due to the nature of Google Ads and Shopping but are gearing up to achieve our first $20k month within the second month and clear projections to 40k for month 3.