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Project Name: Aus Tastes (Australiana Jerky)

Client: Aus Tastes (Australiana Jerky)

Project Commencement Date: February 18, 2021

Project Completion Date: February 2021

Project url:

The Problem and Goals:

One of our very first e-commerce clients as an agency back in 2018, Aus Tastes is an Australian jerky brand selling beef, croc and kangaroo. With a strong retail presence, the goal was to begin stepping up and selling directly to consumers through Shopify.

Having little to no past Facebook campaigns run, there was little to no data or demographic information to start with.. A fresh slate. We introduced the e-commerce funnel approach and exactly how we can not only establish the brands presence, but to also funnel through sales.

The Solution:

We began with the top of funnel campaign strategy which meant setting up strategic campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to educate a cold audience on who Australian Tastes was, and why our product is superior and worth trying. We spent a good few weeks within the first month testing various creatives and copies to see what was best performing and resonating with consumers on socials.

The Outcome:

After building out a base with the top of funnel strategy, we launched our middle of funnel campaign leveraging lookalike audiences from add to carts, purchases and video audiences to target our ideal customers who were likely to convert. Off the back of this, we had re-targeting running to tie up loose ends and ensure customers who were showing interest, adding to cart and viewing our products went through the sales process and converted.

In months 2-3 the campaigns were now steadily achieving a ROAS between 3-4x and bringing in small but consistent sales. Towards the end of month 3, Aus Tastes ran out of stock and we had to discontinue our services.

A Few Words From Ben:

“Fantastic group to work with and absolutely smashed my expectations. I actually spoke to a larger agency before signing on with Plus Social and just didn’t feel the same atmosphere and personalised approach that I got with Plus Social. Super resourceful and communicate with you every step of the way.” – Ben A. | Breezes Real Estate