About The Spoonie Society

The Spoonie Society was founded in Melbourne, Australia by Dominique Ribeiro Da Silva and Helene Hill. Dominique and Helene are very familiar with the suffering and stigma that is associated with having a chronic illness as they both suffer from Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
Dominique was diagnosed with Endometriosis in July of 2019 via
laparoscopy & endometriosis excision. She has since undergone multiple procedures in order to obtain the best quality of life. Dominique has built a career in digital marketing working for Australia’s leading publisher for the health industry. Dominique’s entrepreneurial spirit has assisted in bringing The Spoonie Society to fruition and hopes that this diary will assist in supporting the spoonie

Starting Out

Initially, Dominique came to us with a small business and essentially looking to get the brand online and start selling.

We discussed quite a few different approaches for getting The Spoonie started and what messaging we wanted to portray across social media.

The Outcome

Like any new business starting out across social media, we required time to test different angles, audiences, copy and creatives.

We had some concepts performing better than others until it slowly started piecing together alongside a strong organic social media presence.

Just 3 months in we had to recommend increasing the advertising budget to keep up with growth and the advertising campaigns momentum with sales.

Leveraging a video heavy advertising approach, Dominique and The Spoonie Society have not only moved into a dedicated warehouse for product fulfilment but already outgrown it and are looking for their next big leap!